Hospital Vendors Earn Millions for Services This article is available only in print.

Hospital Vendors Earn Millions for Services

Tax forms filed by nonprofit hospitals in Arkansas provide a peek into the millions of dollars the hospitals spend on their vendors.
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Closing of Two Acquisitions Pushes Simmons to $14B in Assets

Closing of Two Acquisitions Pushes Simmons to $14B in Assets

Simmons First National Corp. of Pine Bluff, parent company of Simmons Bank, announced Thursday it has completed acquisitions of both Southwest Bancorp Inc. of Stillwater, Oklahoma, and First Texas BHC Inc. of Fort Worth, Texas.
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Economist: Recovery in 'Top of The Ninth Inning

Economist: Recovery in 'Top of The Ninth Inning"

"I think we're in the top of the ninth inning of the recovery from our recession to, you know, getting back on our feet,” economist Jim Glassman told a small gathering of business professionals Wednesday at an economic outlook luncheon sponsored by Chase.
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The List Arkansas' Largest Nonprofits

Arkansas' Largest Nonprofits list, ranked by total assets, includes fiscal year and previous year total assets and total revenue, number of staff paid $50,000 or more, top executive, mission, contact information, etc.

Rank Name Total Assets Total Revenue
1 Walton Family Foundation Inc. 2,657,142,575 1,065,818,231
2 Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art 929,826,874 48,838,430
3 University of Arkansas Foundation Inc. 919,338,545 117,873,804
4 Walton Family Charitable Support Foundation Inc. 680,865,771 93,869,095
5 University of Arkansas Fayetteville Campus Foundation 515,236,233 27,391,335

Executive Q&A

APM's Vanessa McKuin on How the Public Can Band Together on Radio

The Arkansas Public Media executive describes the nonprofit's mission, and discusses media credibility in a “fake news” era.