E.C. Barton & Co. Gets Big Man at Top This article is available only in print.

E.C. Barton & Co. Gets Big Man at Top
A Barton’s store on Browns Lane in Jonesboro. The building materials chain has a new CEO, Steven Brimner (inset).

Steven H. Brimner, who stands 6-foot-7 and played college basketball in Montana, has been learning a new playbook since Jan. 1 as the new president and CEO of E.C. Barton & Co., the 102-store building materials chain based in Jonesboro. He also has some big sneakers to fill.
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Bitter, Expensive Fight for Arkansas Court Seat to Drag On

Bitter, Expensive Fight for Arkansas Court Seat to Drag On

A bitter and expensive fight for an Arkansas Supreme Court seat that drew more than $1 million in outside spending and a flurry of attack ads will drag on for another six months.
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Rescue The Rep (Rett Tucker Commentary)

Rescue The Rep (Rett Tucker Commentary)

The bottom line is that The Rep is critical to our city's cultural and arts development, but it is also vital to our economic development.
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The List Largest Private Companies

The 75 Largest Private Companies in Arkansas ranked by revenue, mostly provided by the companies themselves. Data also includes previous year's revenue, total employees and total Arkansas employees, year established, business description, top executive, and contact info.

Rank Name Current No. of Employees Companywide Year Established
1 Arkansas Blue Cross & Blue Shield 2,900 1948
2 Stephens Inc. 855 1933
3 Mountaire Corp. 6,700 1914
4 RML Automotive 1,820 2004
5 McLarty Automotive Group 1,650 2014

Executive Q&A

Coulson Oil's John Harris Says Employees, Customer Service Keep Wheels Greased

John Harris, an Ashdown native, has served as president and CEO of Coulson Oil in North Little Rock since 2013. The company has experienced record growth under his leadership, expanding to both retail and commercial fuels.