Healthcare Heroes

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Arkansas Business presents Healthcare Heroes awards program to honor individuals, companies and organizations that are making a significant impact on the quality of healthcare in Arkansas. Their acts of heroism represent a display of dedication to excellence in the area of expertise beyond the scope of their jobs. Through their commitment to their profession and their community, they serve as an inspiration to others in an effort to improve the quality of healthcare and discover new ways to assist those in need.

Nomination Categories:

  • Healthcare Professional of the Year

    — Other than a doctor or nurse, i.e. administrators, pharmacists, researchers, technicians and professors.

  • Hospital of the Year (large and small)

    — Honors a hospital that has made extraordinary strides and exhibited exceptional achievements within the healthcare industry and community.

  • Innovation Hero

    — Honors a company or individual primarily responsible for a medical science discovery or for development of a new procedure, device, service, program or treatment that can save lives or improve the quality of life for a large number of people.

  • Nurse of the Year

    — Honors an individual from nursing whose job performance is considered exemplary by patients and peers.

  • Physician of the Year

    — Honors a physician whose job performance is considered exemplary by patients and peers.

  • Women's Health & Wellness Hero

    — An individual or organization that makes women's health and wellness a top priority and whose services benefit women of all ages in our local communities. Examples include: OB/GYN's, imaging technicians, midwives, doulas, women's health facilities, etc.

  • Workplace Wellness Hero

    — Honors a business for a company-wide wellness program, healthy work environment, ergonomics program, or other health-related activities benefiting employees.

  • Healthcare Lifetime Achievement Award




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