Rogers Goes to Jail to Await Fraud Sentencing

Rogers Goes to Jail to Await Fraud Sentencing

A federal judge in Chicago ordered that serial fraudster John Rogers be remanded to the custody of U.S. marshals.
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Marijuana Insurance Buds in Arkansas

Marijuana Insurance Buds in Arkansas This article is available only in print.

The moment last year that Arkansas voters approved the use of medical marijuana, Paul Dunn knew he wanted to sell insurance for the industry. But it won't be easy. The federal government still considers marijuana illegal.
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Yellen to Step Down From Federal Reserve Board

Yellen to Step Down From Federal Reserve Board

Janet Yellen on Monday submitted her resignation from the Federal Reserve Board to President Donald Trump, announcing that she will leave the board when her successor is sworn in as Fed chairman.
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The List Largest Property & Casualty Firms

Largest Property & Casualty Insurance Companies list includes most recent full year's Arkansas premium, market share, total assets, liabilities, capital & surplus, contact info, etc.

Rank Name 2016Arkansas Premium Total Assets
1 State Farm Insurance 740,097,634 186,049,729,163
2 Shelter Insurance Cos. 270,479,881 3,438,443,195
3 Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Co. 239,228,662 2,161,621,215
4 Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co. of Arkansas Inc. 237,128,087 401,993,581
5 Allstate Insurance Cos. 226,006,175 46,568,334,080

Executive Q&A

With Health Care, Allen Kerr Seeks Freedom from Fed

Arkansas Insurance Commissioner Allen W. Kerr has over three decades of experience in insurance and financial services.