8 Farmers File Fraud Lawsuit Against Turner Grain

by Mark Friedman  on Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014 12:50 pm  

Soybean grains loaded on a truck.  (Photo by Shutterstock)

The farmers are also seeking an unspecified amount of damages for several counts including breach of contract, conversion and negligence.

Bruce Oakley Interpleader

At Bruce Oakley, company leaders are working to make sure it isn’t exposed to lawsuits or other liabilities involving the Turner case.

David Choate, Bruce Oakley’s vice president of grain and barge operation, told Arkansas Business on Monday that the company planned to turn over money it owes Turner to a judge. 

"We have a small amount of [Turner's] money because they do deliver to us and sell to us, but we turned that all over to our legal department," Choate said. "Because we're not in a position to divvy out who [Turner] owes and who they don't owe."

"There are competing claims to the proceeds of grain in storage and proceeds of stopped payment check," the Oakley lawsuit said. "As a result, Oakley cannot make payment of the grain in storage or proceeds of stopped check without resolving disputed questions of fact, and exposing itself to multiple lawsuits, multiple liabilities, or both."

Oakley said those companies that have a claim are:

  • Peco Foods of Newark, $148,930
  • Ivory Rice LLC of Brinkley, $103,275
  • Tyson Foods in Hope, $47,072
  • Wayne Farms of Danville, $38,700

Oakley's attorney, Fletcher Lewis of McCrory, wasn't available for comment Wednesday morning.



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