New Clients for Eric Rob & Isaac

by Kyle Massey  on Friday, Jan. 6, 2017 4:06 pm  

The Eric Rob & Isaac ad agency of Little Rock announced new clients over the holidays, including the Arkansas State CASA Association, Drew Memorial Hospital in Monticello and DROP Sustainable Water Shares, a state-based organization working with farmers to reduce the use of groundwater on crops.

ERI will help the CASA Association, which helps court-appointed volunteers represent the interests of children in abuse and neglect cases, with Project SPARK, an awareness and recruitment campaign. ERI’s role will be public and community relations, website development and digital advertising, according to a news release.

The agency is working on a comprehensive rebranding of Drew Memorial, a 49-bed community owned facility that expects to complete a 51,000-SF expansion in early 2018. The effort will include a marketing and communications campaign to promote the expansion and general awareness about the hospital.

DROP, which hopes to save billions of gallons of water in underground has asked ERI to help build its brand from the ground up, with market research, strategic planning, naming, logo development, website design and development, content creation and social media planning.



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