Warren Shows Out in Scrimmage

by Jim Harris  on Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2007 11:54 am  

This story is from the archives of ArkansasSports360.com.

We checked in with a very trusted source in Warren, who has watched Lumberjack football for more than three score years and who attended last night's major scrimmage there featuring the Lumberjacks, Camden Fairview, Texarkana and Bearden.

It was such an event for these type of preseason clashes, the Little Rock TV stations all sent crews 90 minutes south to film highlights, while the recruiting gurus from Rivals.com, Scout.com and Hogville.net all were present (two of those also report for the statewide daily, and one, Richard Davenport, called in periodic reports to ARN's "SportsRap" last night).

Likely, they all came away with the opinion of our source, who admittedly may be a little pro-Lumberjack in his bias but is still a fair observer of all teams. And his thoughts were that this Warren team, if it plays like it did last night, may resemble that vaunted Springdale unit that mercy-ruled nearly everyone in 2005 with a high-powered attack. Where Warren is just Class 4A compared with Springdale being 7A, it might be time to put out the warning to the rest of 4A that the Lumberjacks will be exceedingly dangerous, not only on offense but with the possibility of a dominant defense.

Anyway, here's what our venerable source had to say:

"They [Warren] had the opposition befuddled. Texarkana and Camden and Bearden, which I didn't realize is as highly ranked as they are, they [Bearden] are a good looking team, just a little small ..."

"Anyway, Warren just managed to beat the you-know-what out of all of them."

"This [Lumberjacks] rising sophomore quarterback, Hayden Smith, man he's the best looking thrower we've had, ever. He kept hitting these four UA recruits and he'd hit them for 50 and 60 yards."

Let us interject: Jarius Wright, Greg Childs, Basmine Jones and Chris Gragg all have committed to the Razorbacks. Wright and Jones are around 6-feet and fleet; Childs and Gragg are lanky targets but aren't lacking in speed either.

Back to our source:

"It was just unreal. They [the Lumberjacks] also introduced a sophomore halfback who picked up yard after yard after yard. He is 195 pounds, Courtney Haskell."

"Jarius Wright caught one pass for 70 yards and nother for 65. He just catches it and takes off with it and no one can catch him. The young quarterback can put it right to him perfectly. If there is any drawback for the quarterback, he's on the smallish side, he's about 5-foot-9, but his father is tall."

"I thought we would be overmatched, but frankly I'm having a feeling that Warren may be able to put the mercy rule on everybody -- EXCEPT Dollarway. It's just astounding the way this kid can throw the ball, and these kids have been catching the ball for years and just catch it. The defense was also dominating. Camden has some good people, but they didn't look particularly good against Warren."

Warren gave up one touchdown in three quarters, a 12-yard run to Fairview's DeAnthony Curtis, who has committed to the Razorbacks along with quarterback Jim Youngblood and tackle Lavunce Askew.

Bearden's shotgun offense had success early in the scrimmage against Texarkana. And Fairview's Youngblood gave hope to Arkansas Razorback fans hoping for one day again having a passer who can march a team down field in seconds, as he guided the Cardinals on a one-minute march in their quarter against Texakana to come out ahead 12-7.



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