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by Lance Turner  on Thursday, Dec. 13, 2007 2:36 pm  

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The Coaches Hot Seat blog is not usually one a coach wants to be seen on, but today, many might make an exception.

The site is surveying all the new coaching hires throughout the country and ranking them on its patented "Damn!" scale, which means, if you get "Damn!" you did well. If you get a "Loving it!" you struck out (knowing that Coaches Hote Seat loves a coaching controversy).

In this edition, the University of Arkansas reigns supreme, pulling off what the site considers to be the coup of the year:

It is not just that Petrino runs an offensive scheme that is next to impossible to stop with the right players in place, although it is, it is not just that Petrino brings a passion to the college game that is unequaled, and he does, but it is that Petrino has the one "X factor" that is so rarely found inside of head football coaches these days.  That "X factor" is "IT."  What exactly "IT" is, is hard to define, but as Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said about something else, "I know it when I see it."  Bobby Marks who played for Paul "Bear" Bryant at Alabama said about Coach Bryant, "I don't know what he had, but he had a lot of it."  Both of those quotes could easily apply to Bobby Petrino, and his hiring by Arkansas and his arrival in the SEC alters the balance of power in that conference for as long as Petrino decides Arkansas is the place he wants to be.  One thing is for sure, Fayetteville, Arkansas is a lot more like Helena, Montana than Louisville or Atlanta ever could or want to be.  Maybe this time, Bobby Petrino has found a home. 

Houston Nutt leaves Arkansas for Ole Miss, and his presence in Oxford immediately made Ole Miss a serious contender in the SEC.  Today, Arkansas topped Nutt's move to Ole Miss by hiring one of the best college coaches in the game ...

Quality of hire: 10. Rating: "Damn!"

And speaking of Houston Nutt, Ole Miss' move to snap up for the Arkansas coach gets a quality of hire rating of 9 and another "Damn!" rating. Their rationale:

The first and most obvious question is what are the expectations for Houston Nutt at Ole Miss?  People tell us that Orgeron piled up a lot of talent in Oxford, and as Nutt said in his press conference, he certainly plans on making Ole Miss a winner, so that is a good place to start.  The first goal at Ole Miss should be to get to at least a .500 record and get their team bowl eligible, and we have no doubt that is an achievable goal in year 1.  Beyond year 1, there is no reason that Houston Nutt will not be able to make Ole Miss a perennial contender and a winner of the SEC West division.  Houston Nutt said in his press conference that, "The way you spell fun is W-I-N."  No doubt Houston Nutt will bring a lot of fun to Ole Miss, and it is going to be great fun watching Nutt as he brings his passion to Rebel football over the next few years.

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