Finebaum: Arkansas Among Losers in Conference Shuffling

by Chris Bahn  on Tuesday, Jun. 22, 2010 1:34 pm  

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Remember how stirred up folks got when Alabama-based columnist/radio host Paul Finebaum said Arkansas should be booted from the SEC?

Well, he's rattling cages again...

Finebaum listed the Razorbacks as one of the "losers" in the big conference shake-up this summer. We'll let him take it from here:

Would someone tell the Little Piggies to shut up? After media reports surfaced that Arkansas tried but failed to get hooked up as the 11th team in the new 10-team Big 12, the school decided to go on the offensive. Stealing a page from BP's public relations playbook, athletic director Jeff Long issued a long and self-serving statement, saying the school "has no interest" in leaving the SEC. There's a reason for that -- nobody wants you.

I'll have to disagree with Finebaum on at least one count.

Long issuing the statement was actually a pretty savvy PR move and, at least to me, puts Arkansas in the 'win' category. He managed to get Arkansas mentioned in what might be the biggest college sports-related conversation of the last decade. And Arkansas had ZERO business in the conversation and managed to get a healthy dose of national press by Long issuing the statement.

Granted, not all the press has been favorable. Still, the alternative is being completely ignored and it's hard to create a national profile when nobody knows you exist.

What do y'all think?

[Update 1:50 p.m.]

Luke Matheson of makes an interesting point on our Facebook page: Long issued the statement BEFORE reports surfaced on a Texas-fan site that Arkansas had been rejected for inclusion in the Big 12.

Feel free to weigh-in there or in our comments section.



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