John Daly Tweets And Proves Our Point Yet Again: You Never Know What He's Going To Do

by Chris Bahn  on Saturday, Jul. 10, 2010 2:21 pm  

Golfer John Daly took exception to a recent blog post. Daly, a Dardanelle native and former Razorback, took his frustration to Twitter.

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Recently, we mentioned that John Daly has a propensity for tomfoolery.  And it didn’t take long for Daly to prove that point.

Consider what we’ll call Exhibit A-S360 from the Daly silliness file: a Saturday afternoon tweet from the Dardanelle native and former Razorback aimed at

Daly seemed to take exception to a blog post written Friday that called attention to his new blog.

While giving our readers a glimpse of the latest endeavor taken on by the golfer/singer/fashion icon — and now we can add budding media critic to the list — we mentioned that Daly has had a few controversial moments in his past.

“It’s only a matter of time before something crazy happens on his blog,” we said, failing to realize that the latest craziness from Daly would actually come via Twitter (again).

Daly’s rebuttal was posted to Twitter at about noon on Saturday:

“@ArkSports360 Proud to be from ARK & now understand why all of us from ARK HATE your publication bc I blog you have to write negatively?”

This isn’t the first time Daly has criticized a media outlet via Twitter. Daly gave out the personal cell phone number of golf writer Garry Smits in March, following a report in the Florida Times-Union that detailed Daly’s five suspensions on the PGA Tour, seven stints in counseling/alcohol rehab and 21 citations for “not giving his best effort.”

Daly is playing this weekend in the Scottish Open. He lost his opening tee shot Friday and struggled late, but was only eight strokes off the lead entering today.

Despite his recent criticism, we'll be rooting for Daly. He's an Arkansan and when Daly wins, the state wins. When he acts a fool, well, that's not so great for the rest of us who proudly call Arkansas home.



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