Michael Vick

by Tre Baker  on Monday, Jul. 12, 2010 9:02 am  

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Michael Vick can't leave Pennsylvania. Imagine, being just this close to places like Delaware and New Jersey, and you're trapped in a prison with no keystone. We're tired (fatigued might be the better word) of dogging out the beleagured quarterback, so instead of shooting him down one more time, we thought we'd help Vick with some advice on how to cope with being trapped in the State of Independence:

  • Visit the Miner Statue, out on Highway 209 near Minersville. Just look for the Citgo sign and you can't miss him.

  • Then there's Joe's Bar - Taxidermy Galore in Ligonier. If you've ever wanted to pound one back while dozens of dead animals stare at you, your dream has come true. Pretty sure Vick has already tried this once before, but we're just throwing it out there.

  • And finally, we couldn't pass up letting Vick know about The Outhouse. Not this Outhouse, but the one in Lancaster. They've got a Mennonite Missle, a two-headed pig, and of course, free samples of their Outhouse fudge. Look for them on Route 30 in Lancaster, about two miles east of Rockvale Square Outlets.



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