Ducks: Commission to Choose Among 3 Options for 60-day Season

by Jim Harris  on Thursday, Jul. 22, 2010 7:21 pm  

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In its monthly meeting Thursday in Little Rock the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission approved the early migratory bird seasons and looked over proposals from biologists for the 2010-11 duck seasons and other migratory birds. The commission will decide on one of three options for a 60-day duck season at its August meeting.

AGFC Wildlife Assistant Chief Ricky Chastain said habitat conditions for breeding waterfowl this spring were similar to 2009 in much of the U.S. and Canada. “The Canadian prairie ponds were up 5 percent from 2009 and 9 percent above the long-term average,” Chastain explained. “Total duck abundance is estimated at almost 41 million – a 3 percent decrease from 2009 but 21 percent above the long-term average,” he added.

Based on this year’s survey results of 8.6 million mid-continent mallards and 3.7 million ponds in Prairie Canada, Chastain said the prescribed regulatory option for the Mississippi Flyway is the liberal package. “We’ve already been advised from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that we’ll have a 60-day season,” he said.

Duck season options:

Option 1: Nov. 20 (Saturday) – Nov. 28 (Sunday); Dec. 9 (Thursday) – Dec. 23 (Thursday); Dec. 26 (Sunday) – Jan. 30 (Sunday).

Option 2: Nov. 25 (Thurs) – Dec. 5 (Sunday); Dec. 11 (Saturday) – Dec. 23 (Thursday); Dec. 26 (Sunday) – Jan. 30 (Sunday).

Option 3: Nov. 20 (Saturday) – Nov. 28 (Sunday); Dec. 7 (Tuesday) – Jan. 17 (Monday); Jan. 22 (Saturday) – Jan. 30 (Sunday).

Youth Waterfowl Hunt: Dec. 4-5 or Feb. 6-7

The commission approved these dates for early season waterfowl:

Early Migratory Seasons

Mourning Dove and Eurasian Collared Dove: Sept. 4-Oct. 19 and Dec. 11-Jan. 5, 2011.

Teal: Sept. 11-26.



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