Ole Miss

by Tre Baker  on Thursday, Jul. 29, 2010 8:44 am  

This story is from the archives of ArkansasSports360.com.

Jeremiah Masoli has decided to embark on a path of furthering his education by enrolling into graduate school at the University of Mississippi. With his grad status, Masoli will also be eligible to walk-on for the Rebels football team. He has some experience playing at quarterback at Oregon, and Houston Nutt, a former quarterback himself, has plenty of experience guiding players at that position.

Now, the media has been so quick to point out Masoli's past problems. He's been arrested for marijuana and driving infractions. He was guilty of stealing laptop computers and a guitar from a Sigma Alpha Epsilon frat house. Anyone can see the bad in a young man like Masoli, but leave it to Houston Nutt to see the positives, like 15 touchdowns and 2,147 yards thrown in 2009 as well as rushing for 668 yards and 13 touchdowns. It takes a talented coach to appreciate such talent, and Houston Nutt would be the first to tell you that the thing not to do with a troubled athlete such as Masoli would be to leave him in the wilderness without football and guidance, where pimps and predators rule the day.

No, it should be obvious to anyone that Jeremiah Masoli is special, and unlike Pat Patterson or Jimar Gallon or any of those other players Nutt has left behind, this athlete has a role to fill on the team, especially since the player who was supposed to fill that role has thrown up his hands and walked away from the mentoring of Houston Nutt.

You could almost say Masoli and Nutt were made for each other.



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