Brett Favre

by Tre Baker  on Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2010 9:07 am  

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It's 2010, and we're all going through another August of watching Brett Favre tapping his teeth with his fingertips, exhaling sighs, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, acting like he's about to take a step before shaking his head and becoming still once again...

Favre texted his teammates the message "This is it," a day after telling his coach that his ankle was still too sore to play on. A done deal, right? It would be if we were talking about anyone else besides Brett Favre. For most, "This is it," would mean a declaration of something final, but with Favre, it could be a number of things: "This is it - I'm retiring!" "This is it - I'm coming back!" Perhaps it was a request by Favre to hear some more Kenny Loggins.

The Vikings are just as guilty of prolonging this ordeal as Favre is by offering the quarterback an extra $3 to $6 million for another year. Apparently, they're happy with Favre coming out and just dying on the football field. We're not wishing for anything so horrible to happen, but in all sincerity, we wonder if both the Vikings and Favre would accept nothing less.

Former Razorback Tarvaris Jackson seems to know what's up. A heartbeat or sore ankle away from being the starting quarterback, Jackson seems to have accepted his lot in the league. Jackson said yesterday that "It's always back and forth with Brett," and that his immediate plans were only to get better.

We're glad Jackson is so patient. The way it looks, he'll likely be as old as Brett Favre now by the time Brett Favre finally ends his career.



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