's SEC Power Poll: Week 8

by Jim Harris  on Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2010 12:01 am  

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Auburn outscored Arkansas in the biggest offensive shootout in SEC history, 65-43, and Cam Newton became the front-runner for at least SEC player of the year, if not maybe the nation's top player. Not that it gets any easier for the Tigers, who play host to LSU and its talented defense. Newton, meet Drake Nevis, the best linemen we've seen in the league so far this year.

Florida is almost done, and shockingly Georgia with 3 league losses could still be in the race to win the East, though South Carolina would have to bottom out in the last half of the season for that to happen.

The West is shaping up to either come down to Auburn-Alabama on Nov. 26 or the upcoming LSU-Alabama game and then Auburn-Alabama, depending on Saturday's result in Auburn. That would leave Arkansas, Ole Miss and Mississippi State fighting it out to be considered a pretty good No. 4 team in the division - maybe better than every team in the East.

The Week 7 SEC power poll:

  1. Auburn (7-0). Can a team with a defense this bad actually win the SEC? Or is the newest Vince Young for college football good enough to overcome it?
  2. LSU (7-0). Can these Tigers score enough points to keep up with Cam Newton, or is their defense good enough and disciplined enough to slow him down in this week's showdowns?
  3. South Carolina (4-2). To paraphrase Animal House's Dean Wormer: "Fat and happy after beating Bama is no way to go through the SEC, son." Still, Gamecocks could have at least got it to OT and maybe survived at Lexington if Steve Spurrier hadn't outfoxed himself. There's no better post-game ironic grin than Spurrier's.
  4. Alabama (6-1). Nothing pretty against Ole Miss, just a win. Ahead: Yet another opponent coming up who had a week off, but is pretty weak.
  5. Arkansas (4-2). One great player can make a decent defense look bad (just ask Southern Cal about the 2005 national title game against Texas and Vince Young). Speaking of Southern Cal, Hogs haven't given up that many points (65) since playing USC in that 2005 season (70). At least Hogs can score a lot now.
  6. Mississippi State (4-2). Use to be, it was called getting "Croomed." Whe the Bulldogs upset teams now, nobody says the losing coach got "Mullened." But maybe if Urban Meyer has enough of coaching, Florida could look to Starkville for a replacement after what happened Saturday.
  7. Georgia (3-4). Bulldogs are back on the right track now. State of Tennessee was the perfect remedy the past two weeks for both the offense AND defense.
  8. Florida (4-3). Nobody is enjoying this three-game slide by the Gators except everybody else around the league.
  9. Kentucky (4-3). Joker and the Wildcats were the ones laughing at the end against Gamecocks.
  10. Vanderbilt (2-4). Commodores score 52 one week against awful Eastern Michigan, zero the next against Georgia, which isn't vintage Georgia. What happened?
  11. Ole Miss (3-3). Rebs' week off didn't help the offense much against Bama, but the defense looked better and hit hard, and the Black Bear Rebels could cause problems for others coming up, starting with Arkansas this week.
  12. Tennessee (2-4). Vols had a week to heal the wounds and heartbreak and focus on Alabama. Too bad they couldn't add a few more players during the interim.



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