Blog Fodder: RazorBloggers Celebrate Milestone; ASU's Den Talks Freeze Hire

by Chris Bahn  on Friday, Dec. 3, 2010 1:00 pm  

This story is from the archives of has been one of our favorite fan-run blogs for years. Apparently, we’re not alone in appreciating the work of folks like TipsterHog, Walking on Sunshine, and HogBlogger.

Earlier this week they hit the 1,000,000-visits mark. Nice accomplishment for those guys, who launched the site in 2006.

Folks visit the site for items like “Nice Weather For A Change”. It details the “coming of age” for Bobby Petrino’s program and HogBlogger wonders if the fair weather fans are enjoying the great weather Razorback fans are experiencing.

Hog Database
This can’t be overstated: Only Auburn has a more impressive wins resume than Arkansas this season. Hog Database figured up the Razorbacks’ four victories against current AP Top 25 teams ranks them No. 2 among NCAA teams.

Potential Sugar Bowl opponent Ohio State? Zero. Not a single Top 25 victory to the Buckeye’s credit.

*James Moseley has a nice recap of the year and why Arkansas succeeded. Bobby Petrino tops the list, but Moseley doesn’t want folks forgetting about a much-improved and much-maligned defense.

Arkansas Expats
Know what the Expats liked best about Arkansas’ victory against LSU?

There was “no miracle required” to win.

*Stephen Expat wants your thoughts on the Oklahoma victory. In basketball. You do know there’s basketball going on, right?

The Den
Those looking for reaction to the Hugh Freeze hire at Arkansas State, might we suggest The Den, which bills itself as “the unofficial source for Arkansas State Red Wolves athletics.”

Illegal Shift
Want the lowdown on new Arkansas football commitment Alonzo Highsmith Jr.? Here’s a capsule.

Want the lowdown on college football picks, NFL fantasy football and new Arkansas State coach Hugh Freeze? Illegal Shift has you covered there too.
Perhaps you saw Bobby Petrino get a little, you know, irritated with official at the end of last week’s Arkansas victory against LSU? His frustration has spawned a thread that’s vintage Woopig, a collection of 'angry Petrino' posters. Be warned language used renders it NSFW in some places, particularly if you work at a church, daycare or dive bar.

Prolific poster Biggus Piggus has a detailed statistical breakdown of the Razorbacks in SEC play. Good stuff, but pack a lunch. It’s in depth, something that has become a BP trademark.

In The Bleachers
Typically we stick to local blogs, but if you’re just fan of college football in general we suggest you check out In The Bleachers. Enjoy.



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