College Football Live: Arkansas in Good Hands With Tyler Wilson Replacing Ryan Mallett

by Chris Bahn  on Monday, Jan. 24, 2011 11:50 am  

Razorback quarterback Tyler Wilson was named the No. 1 replacement player on a list of 10 unveiled on a recent episode of College Football Live. Wilson is presumed to be the replacement for Ryan Mallett.

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Arkansas is losing the most prolific passer in school history. Ryan Mallett declared early for the NFL Draft and is leaving with 40-plus school records, including 7,496 yards and 62 touchdowns to his credit after just two seasons with the Razorbacks.

No worries, according to ESPN’s College Football Live.

Razorback quarterback Tyler Wilson was named the No. 1 replacement player on a list of 10 unveiled on a recent show. ESPN’s list centered on the players who had the biggest shoes to fill, but would have little problem filling them.

ESPN’s Joe Schaad introduced Wilson, a Greenwood native, as the No. 1 player to watch:

Rising junior Tyler Wilson grew up near Fayetteville hoping for this chance; a chance to show he’s an accurate gunslinger, who can throw effectively on the move.

Analyst Todd Blackledge said he thinks Wilson will make the most of his opportunity. It was Wilson’s performance against eventual national champion, Auburn, that turned heads nationally.

Wilson filled in for Mallett, who left with a concussion, and completed 24 of 34 passes for 332 yards with four touchdowns and two interceptions. Arkansas lost the game, but Wilson was impressive before those fourth-quarter turnovers.

Blackledge said:

"The kid can play. I’m a big Ryan Mallett fan; I love the way he throws the football. I don’t think Arkansas’ offense will miss a beat with Tyler Wilson. Because, you think about that, on the road at Auburn, six weeks into the season – he hadn’t played much at all — he comes in and completes over 73 percent of his passes, 332 yards, threw four touchdowns.

Yes, he had a fourth-quarter interception that led to an Auburn touchdown at the end of the game, but the kid showed he can play. He played with poise. He’s an outstanding thrower. When I talked to Bobby Petrino about him before the Sugar Bowl, when Bobby talked about his next quarterback, he had a sparkle in his eye. The kid can play.”

Now, it’s probably worth noting Wilson’s first — brief — appearance of 2010 was a game against Louisiana-Monroe in which he threw a quick interception and ended with a -16.53 passer rating. Yes, there’s a ‘minus’ in front of that number.

But it is hard to discount what he did against Auburn. Certainly, it gives folks hope about life without Mallett.

Wilson has appeared in 12 games (including two before redshirting because of mono in 2008). He’s accumulated 740 yards, 7 touchdowns and 7 interceptions.



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