[Audio] Former Razorback Coach Nolan Richardson Talks About John Pelphrey, Mike Anderson

by TJ Carpenter  on Tuesday, Mar. 15, 2011 12:42 pm  

Former Razorback coaches John Pelphrey and Nolan Richardson, together in Bud Walton Arena. (Photo by Eric Howerton)

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On Monday, former Arkansas Basketball coach Nolan Richardson talked about Mike Anderson and the Arkansas job. Richardson did not shy away from questions about people in the athletic department who feel hiring Anderson would be a bad move because of his close relationship with the former coach. He also made it adamantly clear he is an advocate for Mike Anderson above any institution.

Here is the full interview with Nolan Richardson as heard on the TJ Carpenter Show.


Perhaps the most interesting bit from the interview was that many coaches, including John Pelphrey, learn on the job instead of coming into the job with the necessary experience and often it creates a situation they don't know how to handle. Richardson believes fans make the mistake of comparing Pelphrey and other inexperienced coaches to what he did in his first few years. When in reality, it's an unfair comparison because Richardson had over 21 years of head coaching experience at various levels before he took the Arkansas job.

Here are a few quotes of interest from the interview:

On why John Pelphrey and coaches in his situation are sometimes unsuccessful: "When they start comparing coaches, or when they say, 'Oh well, Nolan in his four or five years, this is what he did; or this is what this guy did.' That's wrong to do. Why? I don't think people realize I spent 13 years in high school (coaching). I spent 3 years in Junior College. That's 16. I spent five years at Tulsa. 21 years of coaching, when I got to Arkansas. And I was winning. So I knew what I was doing at Arkansas. I just didn't have everything into place that I needed it takes time. Some of the young coaches, they're on the job training. They're learning how to coach when they're in those positions. I wasn't on the job training. I already had my training."

On if he thinks Jeff Long should offer the Arkansas head coaching job to Anderson: "I don't care where Mike goes. I think he's going to be successful"... "I am a Mike Anderson man. I promote Mike Anderson. The question was, if I was an advocate of one school or another. No."... "If Mike's happy, that makes me happy."

On people in the athletic department who may not want Anderson at Arkansas because of their relationship: "I'm not one to back down. All I remember is there were 9,500 seats there when I got there and when I left there were 19,600. You can put money to money. I know how much money I made Arkansas. It's a business. It's a multi-billion dollar business. If you stop and think about how many seats were there when I got to the University and how many there were when I left the University, then you can figure out what kind of job I did."



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