ESPN's Matt Millen Sees 'Liabilities,' But Thinks Ryan Mallett Can Succeed In NFL

by Chris Bahn  on Friday, Apr. 22, 2011 9:00 am  

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Matt Millen, a former NFL general manager and currently an ESPN analyst, has heard plenty of opinions on former Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett.

What Millen sees is a pro-ready quarterback.

Millen explained why Mallett would make a good pro while recently appearing on The Bottom Line With Dave Barr on 105.3 FM in Northwest Arkansas. Mallett threw for 7,493 yards and 62 touchdowns in two seasons with the Razorbacks.

“He has the big arm. He can make all the throws. He doesn’t have the kind of mobility that Michael Vick or somebody like that does, but who does? It’s a passing league. Ryan Mallett will do well at the next level,” Millen said. “He has some liabilities like every player at the next level has liabilities. He has good leadership skills. That counts for a lot. … He’ll get drafted. He’ll play fine.”

Skeptics would certainly have reason to point out Millen’s track record wasn’t great as an NFL general manager. But when a national analyst/former GM speaks on a local prospect, it’s worth noting.

Millen was in town last week for the Arkansas Red-White game. He was part of ESPN’s broadcast crew.



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