Bahn: Clarke Departure Leaves Razorbacks 0-For-2008 Recruiting; Program Can Move On Now

by Chris Bahn  on Monday, Jun. 20, 2011 10:00 am  

Arkansas had the No. 15 ranked recruiting class in 2008. No players remain from that class. (Photo by

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Not a single one.

Speaking to Jeff Goodman of CBS, a writer who has routinely hailed Clarke as the nation's best shooter, Clarke voiced concerns about his “fit” with Anderson’s up-tempo system. These concerns came despite multiple former players investing hours in explaining to Clarke how he would benefit from the system and how the system would benefit from his ability to shoot, especially in transition.

Clarke’s final destination isn’t clear at this point. Somebody will see his shooting ability and take a chance on him despite the fact they’ll have to wait a year before they get to see him in action thanks to NCAA transfer rules. Somebody will be willing to overlook the additional and sometime detrimental coaching Clarke is getting from outside influences.

Hopefully, Clarke finds a situation that makes him and his family happy. Everybody deserves that in life, though most of us learn at one time or another the grass isn’t always greener.

Wherever Clarke suits up next, it won’t be with the Razorbacks. Had he not waited until June — after schools have already begun offseason workouts for 2011-12 — his options might have been better. Who knows?

We do know now that Clarke is gone, zero players remain to play what should have been the senior season for five of six players in the 2008 class.

Nobody is left from what seemed to be the future of Arkansas basketball. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a future for Razorback basketball.

Clark, Clarke, Fortson, Henry, Moore and McDonald are all gone. Arkansas will take an Academic Progress Rate hit during a four-year stretch because of them. That score will likely be low for years to come, which is where Arkansas suffers the most without Clarke. The Razorbacks will find somebody to contribute points on the floor, but they really could have used the APR boost when he graduated.

Perhaps it’s a good thing none of the players from the 2008 signing class remain, though.

Consider how little Arkansas accomplished with the group. Now the Razorbacks get to move past that disastrous class and build a solid future without them.



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