ASU Red Wolves Searching For Consistent Effort Following Fifth Practice

by Staff  on Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2011 8:31 am  

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Arkansas State Coach Hugh Freeze likes what he's seeing from his team - at times.

Freeze is looking for a more consistent effort from the Red Wolves, he said, following Monday's practice. It was the fifth consecutive workout for ASU — the first in full pads — and the focus and intensity weren't as even as Freeze would have liked.

“We are looking for the mindset of 'who we are going to be,' and obviously we are out here installing things as well. It's going to take us 10 days or so to get it installed, and we are steadily doing that and cramming more on them, but the main thing is that we have to develop a mindset that we are going to win the day. And win each day consistently.”

ASU's defense held the edge during about 40 plays of team competition. Here's more from ASU Media Relations:

The Red Wolves took the practice fields at 3:15 p.m. this afternoon in new practice gear, and ended the day’s workout with its first live session during a team-competition segment that focused on first-down situations. A-State ran approximately 40 plays during the period, getting as many reps as possible for a large number of players.

The defense won the team competition, but the session was highly competitive with both the offense and defense showing signs of progress.  The defense recorded six tackles behind the line of scrimmage and limited the offense to short gains on a number of other plays, while also recovering a fumble that redshirt freshman linebacker Qushaun Lee advanced before the play was whistled dead.

The offense recorded at least four yards on close to 15 plays, including a long pass of 25 yards from junior quarterback Ryan Aplin to junior wide receiver Taylor Stockemer.  Aplin also had a run that went for approximately 15 yards and senior running back Jermaine Robertson and redshirt freshman running back Frankie Jackson had a couple of nice runs as well.

“We were a little flat coming out,” said Freeze regarding today’s practice.  “It was a short turnaround on a hot day, but I thought the defense really picked it up and won the competition after the offense won last night.  It's good that we can go back and forth like that.  The defense put a new package in today, which gave our offensive line some problems.  They've got some speed on the edges in Don Jones and Kelcie McCray, and when they come off the edge, they get there in a hurry.”

ASU returns to practice today and will hold a two workouts.



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