Paisley Offers Apology, Explanation To Razorback Fans Via Twitter

by Chris Bahn  on Sunday, Aug. 14, 2011 12:00 pm  

Country singer Brad Paisley reached out to Arkansas fans via Twitter. He was explaining a prank that lit a fire under some Razorback fans.

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It was nothing personal, Arkansas fans.

Country megastar Brad Paisley took to Twitter on Thursday to explain a recent tour prank that rankled  fired up some Razorbacks supporters. Paisley was retaliating to a prank from tourmates Eden’s Edge when he set fire to a Razorback doormat.

“Time to talk about the prank against @edensedge I guess. Here goes.” Paisley posted, then added 10 messages explaining and apologizing the actions, which were caught on YouTube. Paisley said he did not post video of the burning rug to the Internet and said:

“I hope we can get past this and still be friends. But not you @edensedge. You are toast.”

Eden’s Edge, a group of Arkansas natives, had swapped a West Virginia mat for a Razorback one. Paisley responded by, um, fanning the flames of the prank war.

Paisley, who played to nearly 10,000 at North Little Rock’s Verizon Arena in November 2010, added:

“In closing, I will be rooting for the Razorbacks this year. Lord knows you have a better shot at the title than we do. May you win em all.”

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