Will Fresh Paint Job Help Razorback Basketball Head A New Direction Under Anderson? [Update]

by Chris Bahn  on Monday, Aug. 15, 2011 8:00 pm  

Arkansas has painted the court at Bud Walton Arena. (Photo by Twitter)

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Arkansas will have a fresh paint job on the Bud Walton Arena floor to go with the other changes within the basketball program.

Thanks to a recent visitor to the arena with a camera and Internet access, we know the floor has been repainted for Mike Anderson’s first season with the program. It looks lighter than the previous version and “Bud Walton Arena” is painted in the corners.

Athletic Director Jeff Long issued a statement explaining why the floor was repainted. Gym Masters of Searcy was the company in charge of repainting the floor. Considerations were made for rule changes and television broadcasts.

“In preparation for the upcoming basketball seasons and to accommodate recent rule changes in both men’s and women’s basketball, the court at Bud Walton Arena was refurbished and repainted,” Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Jeff Long said. “Fans will notice a larger Razorback in the center of the floor, only one three-point line and new markings in the lane to assist officials with charging calls underneath the basket. As part of this process, we felt it was also a great opportunity to further enhance the national reputation of Bud Walton Arena, as one of the premier venues in the nation for college basketball. When viewers tune in for a national television broadcast, we want to make certain they know they are watching the Arkansas Razorbacks at Bud Walton Arena.”


Here are a couple thoughts from this end:

• Nolan Richardson Court at Bud Walton Arena sure has a nice ring to it.

And since Richardson’s WNBA experiment is over, there wouldn’t seem to be much in terms of scheduling conflicts to get him in the building for the unveiling. Sure, Richardson and the UA ended things on bad terms. But the 1994 reunion is proof folks will embrace him and he is (no offense) the only coach at Arkansas with a universially recognized national title in a revenue-producing sport.

• Is it time to bring back Slobbering Hog?

Unifying the “brand” and choosing one logo is understandable. But that crazy-eyed, furiously running Slobbering Hog summed up exactly what Razorbacks basketball was about.

Is it any coincidence the program tanked the season that Arkansas went to the regular looking logo on the floor?

Well. Is it?



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