AS360 Football Picks: Week 1

by Mark Carter  on Friday, Sep. 2, 2011 1:00 pm  

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As Steve Martin joyfully announced in The Jerk, "The new phone book's here! The new phone book's here!"

Well, my friends, in the spirit of Navin R. Johnson, "College football season's here! College football season's here!" (Despite what took place last night in Nashville….)

And Hog fans everywhere are optimistic that "things are gonna start happening to me now."

The world once again is in balance — again, despite what transpired last night  — and AS360 is back with its annual football picks contest, featuring our own, dare we say, sports-media celebrities — Jim Harris and Chris Bahn.

Back as well is our usual crew of media partners…Steve Sullivan from Channel 7, Justin Acri from the Buzz, Dave Barr from The Hog in NWA. And, of course, our own crop of ABPG cronies.

We welcome this year Arkansas Bride editor Lindsay Irvin, a proud UA alum and Cowboys fan (we won't hold the latter against her…Hail Skins!), and seasoned if not renowned Arkansas Business reporter George Waldon. In 1982, in War Memorial's north end zone, George set fire to an Ole Miss flag. I'm not making this up. The man is a patriot, and that's all that needs to be said.

This year, we'll include a guest picker each week. We swung for the fence in week 1, and with that in mind we welcome….well, actually, Gov. Beebe declined (we even promised to include ASU — go figure)…therefore, we welcome local sports/food/music legend Kelley Bass to the lineup.

So, in the spirit of the Apollo Creed guy, "Here we go." This week's games: Missouri State at Hogs, LSU-Oregon, Boise State at Georgia, BYU at Ole Miss and ASU at Illinois.

Chris Bahn, Editor,
Arkansas, LSU, UGa, BYU, Illinois
Georgia, I'm begging you, end this Boise as national title contender conversation before it starts. Please.

Jim Harris, Columnist,
Arkansas, LSU, Georgia, Ole Miss, Illinois
Must win for Dawgs.

Bill Paddack, Managing Editor,
Arkansas, Oregon, Boise State, BYU, Illinois
Will be interesting to see how LSU, without QB Jordan Jefferson, fares against the explosive Ducks. From here, it looks like Oregon in a close one.

Steve Sullivan, Sports Director, KATV
Hogs, LSU, Boise, Ole Miss, Illinois
SEC could go 0-3 or 3-0 in big games.. Jordan who ?



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