Blog Fodder: Predictions, New Celebration Rule Concerns And Football Coming To Your "Cit-tay"

by Chris Bahn  on Friday, Sep. 2, 2011 12:42 pm  

A dive like this into to the end zone could get Arkansas and Greg Childs in trouble this season. (Photo by Mark Wagner)

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Greg Childs should keep it low-key when he crosses the goal line for the first time this year for the Razorbacks. His first touchdown since last year’s season-ending knee surgery better not include anything officials deem “excessive celebration.”

Officials have more latitude when flagging players for excessive celebration this year and much stiffer penalties to hand out to offenders. Keep in mind, this rule is totally up to the whims of officials, who each have their own ideas of what is excessive and what isn’t.

No longer is this a 15-yard penalty. Teams get marked at the spot of the foul, meaning a touchdown could be wiped off the board. Plus, if the foul happens behind the line of scrimmage — say a quarterback celebrating a big play — that's where the penalty gets marked.

As Woopig puts it (in a way that only Woopig could): “Someone's going to get royally screwed this year.”

Coaches and players have their concerns about the rule.

Fans are also concerned. For a sampling of thoughts on this ridiculous new rule, click here.

The South End Zone
An oldie, but goodie here: A couple years ago a fan perfectly captured the anticipation that builds for a new football season.

After a few months without football, even that awful Big and Rich intro on ESPN’s Game Day doesn’t seem so bad.

Fun read. Should have shared “Coming to my Cit-tay” much sooner, honestly.

Naturally, there is some concern on who replaces Knile Davis’ 1,322 yards and 13 touchdowns from 2010. But as the RazorBloggers point out, running back is far from the only position where Arkansas needs somebody to “Step Forward.”

•And how about some: Game Predictions — Missouri State

Hog DataBase

Contributor James Moseley wants you to know if anybody can lose a stud tailback and not miss a beat, it’s the guy in charge of Bobby Petrino Construction.

•Missouri State’s game notes chronicle big wins in school history against Arkansas. None of those wins were in football. Hog Database has the awful football history between the two schools.

•Introducing the most important player on Arkansas’ team in 2011… Zach Hocker?

Wait. What? HogTrough explains: Arkansas’s Most Important Player: Zach Hocker

Arkansas Expats
Welcome to Game Week, Hog Fans



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