AS360 Football Picks, Week 3: Questions for the Ages

by Mark Carter  on Friday, Sep. 16, 2011 12:45 pm  

Jim Tressel retired (wink, wink) from Ohio State. And that's part of what makes Saturday's Ineligi-bowl between OSU and Miami so much fun for our pickers. (Photo by Mark Wagner)

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This week, we welcome to the AS360 Football Picks blog a very special guest: Mr. Steve Straessle, the principal — the Tribou 2.0 if you will — of Little Rock's venerable Catholic High School for Boys.

In addition to being a trusted and capable molder of young men's minds, Steve is a learned (that's learn-ned) Civil War aficionado, a talented and accomplished writer (his sites sights are set on this blog, I just know it…) and most importantly, a lover of steakburgers. And if you have to ask what those are, well, my friend, you just ain't been livin'.

This week's games:

  • Troy at Hogs (minus 23)
  • Ole Miss at Vanderbilt
  • Ohio State at Miami (Tre Baker: "But really, you know who wins this game? Nobody. Nobody wins." Straessle: "The lesser of two evils. Tattoos or outright cash? You be the judge.")
  • Auburn at Clemson
  • Oklahoma at Florida State

Limiting ourselves to five games almost always means good ones get left out. This week is no exception. Notre Dame looks to rebound against Sparty, Florida and Tennessee spar in what used to be a winner-take-all game in the SEC East, and Navy just might make things interesting in Columbia.

Plus, ASU visits Virginia Tech and the Gobblers overlook Hugh Freeze's pack at their own peril. And will UCA carry momentum or disapointment into its Southland opener at Sam Houston after losing an OT heartbreaker at La Tech last week?

As for our cadre of media/celebrity/'who's he?' pickers, Baker (he of the astute observation above) went 5-0 last week to pull out in front. It's always the quiet ones…

A few of us are starting to fall back a little, and we're looking right at you, George "Bama won't find much to smile about after a visit to Happy Valley" Waldon. Can George gain ground this week? Can Straessle continue the 4-1 pace set by our first two guest pickers?

Since we're in question mode anyway...are the Hogs' talented D-linemen and receivers really as deep as advertised? Can Dennis Johnson pick up where he left off? Will ASU cover in Blacksburg? (We think they can, and they will.)

Can people turning left at a busy light actually pull out into the intersection a little to allow us poor mopes behind them a chance to get by and make the light? Were Greek gods not products of myth, but actually ancient astronauts?

Alas, we can't provide answers to these haunting questions, but we can get to the picks, so….cue Appollo CreedHere we go:

Tre Baker, Assistant Editor, (9-1)
Arkansas to cover, Vanderbilt, Ohio State, Auburn, Oklahoma
You gotta like having an Ole Miss on your schedule.

Steve Straessle, Principal, Catholic High School (guest pickers 8-2)
Hogs to cover, Vandy, Ohio State, Auburn, Oklahoma
Always pick the high-academic standards schools that also occasionally have good athletic teams. It encourages them. I hope.



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