Inside Greenhead: Annual Totals of Mallards Killed On the Rise in Arkansas

by Staff  on Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2011 1:30 pm  

In 2010-11, Arkansas harvested nearly 100,000 more mallards than the entire Central Flyway (which includes Kansas, Oklahoma and the Dakotas). (Photo by Brent Birch)

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Even with a 2010-11 waterfowl hunting season that began with dry weather and temperatures firmly stuck in the 70s, the number of mallards killed in Arkansas continued to rise.

If the season was handicapped by the weather, it was helped by improvements in habitat, conservation programs and landowners making the land more palatable to the migrant duck and higher participation levels.

Find out more about the numbers and if the 2011-12 season can see more of the same in the latest issue of Greenhead, The Arkansas Duck Hunting Magazine.

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