3-And-Out: Childs Contributing With Attitude, Blocking; Razorbacks Scale Back Practice

by Chris Bahn  on Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2011 8:30 pm  

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News and notes from Tuesday’s Arkansas football media availability …

I. Double Covered
Greg Childs has seen a decline in his production this season at wide receiver. His attitude and blocking haven’t suffered, however.

Currently he has just nine catches for 109 yards. Offensive coordinator Garrick McGee praised Childs for contributions in other areas and said the decline could be attributed to “coverages” teams are using against the Razorbacks.

“He’s been blocking about as well as I’ve seen him block,” McGee said. “… What I like most is his attitude and his approach to the game. He’s willing to do whatever he has to do to help us win. If that means making blocks, if that means running down the field and blowing the safety out so another guy can come open, he’s been willing to do it. So, a lot of times when you have a receiver that’s highly regarded throughout the country, he’s not catching a lot of balls and doesn’t have a lot of production in the passing game, he normally shows up with an attitude. We haven’t seen any of that from Greg.

At this point last season Childs had 37 catches and 527 yards with five touchdowns. His numbers this year are a sharp decline for Childs, who suffered a season-ending injury against Vanderbilt in 2010.

Childs admitted to having “a lot of pride,” but added, “It doesn’t really sting me too much. I'm just trying to do what I can so we can win games.” 

II. No Demands
Joe Adams has joked with reporters that he’d like to see the ball more out of the backfield. He turned a carry against Auburn into a 92-yard touchdown and kidded that he wants his role expanded.

That’s not something the senior wide receiver has approached Coach Bobby Petrino about, apparently.

“[He] doesn’t really, um, have it in him to come into Coach Petrino’s office and ask for the ball more,” McGee said. “He doesn’t do that much.”

Arkansas coaches do make it a point to get Adams the ball as much as possible. He’s averaging 100.2 all-purpose yards per game on 7.3 touches per game. Coaches had planned to get the ball in Adam’s hands “10-12 times per game” with a combination of punt returns, carries and receptions.

Adams has seven rushes for 136 yards, 27 catches for 284 yards and 10 punt returns for 181 yards. Total he’s compiled 601 yards with four touchdowns. 

III. Scaling Back
Arkansas ended practice approximately 30 minutes earlier than usual on Tuesday. That figures to be a common occurrence the rest of the season.

Typically the Razorbacks scale back – particularly on full-contact work – once they hit the final half of the season.

“At this point we’ve played a lot of games, everybody’s shoulders are kind of beat up,” McGee said. “We still get our work in. Tuesday and Wednesday are workdays for us. So we still get our work in, we believe in grinding on Tuesday and Wednesday so the game is easy for us.”

Speaking Out
“I think it was well-needed for the team to get away from football just a little bit. Some guys got to be around their friends and family that they haven’t seen in a long time. I thought the break came at the right time.”
—Wide receiver Jarius Wright on taking last weekend off for the bye week.



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