Doc Harper: SEC Would Hold Itself Back By Keeping 8-Game League Schedule

by Doc Harper  on Friday, Mar. 2, 2012 11:00 am  

Remember Greg Childs' big catch for the win at Georgia? Moments like that against SEC East opponents could be very rare if the league maintains its eight-game schedule after expansion. (Photo by Mark Wagner)

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Schools shouldn’t be afraid. The SEC is known as an aggressive, visionary conference. The first conference to have a championship game. The first conference to strike the type of major TV deal other conferences recently struck. And, of course, the first conference to win six straight national titles. But impossible though it may seem, the SEC won’t win a national title every year. There will come another time when an SEC team has its schedule compared to that of another school from a rival conference and an eight game slate won’t hold up.

And I’m not just writing all this because I’m seriously disappointed I’m not going to get to take a trip to Knoxville in November, although I’m admittedly quite bitter.


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