Former Acxiom Execs Pushed for Tech Merger

by Arkansas Business Staff  on Tuesday, Mar. 6, 2012 5:05 pm  

Two former Acxiom Corp. executives were instrumental in a recent technology company merger.

The executives, Richard Howe and Charles Morgan, advocated for the purchase of Vertro Inc., an Internet advertising and search firm, by their company, Inuvo Inc., which deals in online marketing technology. Both companies are based in New York City.

Howe is president and CEO of Inuvo. In the past, he served as chief marketing officer of Acxiom; he left the Little Rock company in 2008. Morgan holds the largest number of Inuvo shares and sits on its board. Morgan served as president and CEO of Acxiom for around 30 years, retiring in 2007.




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