Group Tracks States' Top Political Donors, Says Stephens Inc. 'Owns' Arkansas

by Mark Carter  on Wednesday, Feb. 29, 2012 12:47 pm  

Who "owns" Arkansas? According to one research organization that bills itself as non-partisan, Stephens Inc. of Little Rock owns Arkansas, that's who.

At least in a political contributions kind of way.

The organization MapLight released a map Wednesday that purports to track the largest political contributors to each sitting member of Congress in each state. The group tracked contributions to each members' campaign committee since taking office, and takes into account all contributions through Nov. 15, 2011.

MapLight's logic is that political will follows a money trail. It says the map makes it "possible to see which groups are seeking to influence members of Congress across the country." Its data source is

Stephens tops the list in Arkansas with total contributions of $157,300 to current members of Arkansas' Congressional delegation. Rounding out the state's top five are Wal-Mart, $148,700; Arvest Bank Group, $111,100; Tyson Foods, $87,280, and Murphy Oil, $83,500.

The list did not break down contributions to individual members of Congress. For those who might need a reminder, the state's Congressional delegation is made up of four Republicans and two Democrats.

Want to see the list for yourself? Click here for a map.



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