Doc Harper: The Razorback Fans' Guide To The Off-Season

by Doc Harper  on Thursday, Mar. 22, 2012 9:36 am  

Attend as many weddings as you can this summer. That should be enough to get you out of any immoral fall weddings that pop up during football season. (Photo by Brittney Turner Photography)

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Every fan has a moment in the off-season when it hits him that there will be no more college football games for several months. For some, the longing begins the second the last down of that season’s last bowl game is played. Others don’t begin the yearning until sometime over the following weeks. For me, it usually hits once the Razorback basketball season is over.

This is when I begin counting down my “Empty Saturdays”.

Once the basketball tournament is over, there are still several ways you can fill up your Empty Saturdays. Of course, each week could be occupied by some combination of golf, baseball, or fishing, but I thought it would be helpful to put together a guide of other ways to make your off-season not just bearable, but enjoyable!

Here is a countdown of each Saturday, beginning with April 7, the Saturday after the Final Four:

April 7 (Easter Weekend): Dying Easter Eggs to prepare for the Sunday hunt is a beloved holiday tradition. However, if you’re hosting family or just making preparations for the kids, it may be a bit overwhelming. One way to save time is to have a Razorback theme for the eggs. You only need red dye, and many of the eggs can be left white. If you prefer the plastic egg route, there are all sorts of trinkets available to fill the eggs, such as candy, or a $90,000 diamond and sapphire hologram necklace. Make it an Easter to remember.

Also happening:, the NCAA South Central Regional gymnastics meet is being held at Barnhill Arena, and may feature the highly ranked Arkansas gymnastics team. Some of the top collegiate gymnasts in the country will be flipping and tumbling, and you may be inspired to wonder, “Could Knile Davis flip over a defender if he had to?” And your friend will answer, “As if a defender will ever be in front of him.”

April 14: The Arkansas Derby will be held at Oaklawn in Hot Springs. Have a corned beef sandwich and mint julep, then try to win enough to cover your donation pledge to the Razorback Foundation.

If horse racing isn’t your thing, you can catch Arkansas State’s Spring Game in Jonesboro and get a first glimpse at the Malzoffense.

April 21: The Red-White spring football game takes place in Fayetteville. For each play, you can debate whether it was good offense or bad defense, or vice versa. Similar discussion questions could include: Should Kiero Small really knock the helmets off Arkansas’ own defenders?

April 28: In the likely event you failed to win enough at Oaklawn to cover your Razorback Foundation donation pledge, another way to get some quick cash is to find a diamond in Murfreesboro. Don’t be afraid to bring the kids. Even if they don’t enjoy mining “the eroded surface of a gem-bearing volcanic pipe,” a water park has recently been installed on site to keep everyone happy.

May 5: Cinco de Mayo is a wonderful international celebration of moving past the midpoint of the college football off-season. We’re getting there, y’all, we’re getting there. To mark this special occasion, there are likely to be parties called “fiestas” complete with dancing, food and drink specials, and general merriment.

(This also happens to be my wedding anniversary, so if any of you could be kind enough to shoot me a reminder as the day approaches, it would be much appreciated.)

May 12: Take a tour of the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame Museum in North Little Rock. For fun, if you’re an Arkansas fan, go with an Arkansas State fan, and pull the famous Ice Man routine “the plaques for ASU players are in the restroom.” They won’t like that. This also works for ASU to UCA, Central to Hall, etc.



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