Drew Smyly

by Tre Baker  on Tuesday, Apr. 3, 2012 9:19 am  

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Drew Smyly is young. As the Detroit Free Press points out, the Tiger pitcher faced Toronto's Omar Vizquel on Monday, a shortstop who made his major league debut three months before Smyly was born.

Then again, maybe Vizquel is just old. However, despite his youth, Smyly is earning respect from his team, especially the man whose opinion matters most of all, his manager, Jim Leyland.

Smyly ended the spring with a 4.00 ERA, but manager Jim Leyland said there was something about the youngster that earned him a spot on the team.

“Doesn’t show much emotion,” Leyland said. “He’s always pretty calm, so I don’t think the pressure is ever going to get to him. It’s the first time he wasn’t pitching for a spot and I like him a lot. He earned a spot.”

That said, Prince Fielder and Delmon Young helped Smyly earn his win yesterday. Though the pitcher was nearly spotless in four innings, he did give up a walk, two singles, a sacrifice fly, and a home run by the aforementioned Omar Vizquel in the fifth.Fielder and Young steered the Tigers into the win column with big hits of their own.



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