Bahn: Feeling Pain At Arkansas, But Not Necessarily Petrino's Pain

by Chris Bahn  on Tuesday, Apr. 10, 2012 4:35 pm  

Much of the credit for Petrino’s first recruiting class goes to Horton. And without that class, a group that included key pieces to Petrino’s offense, the program doesn’t go 21-5 the last two years and get Arkansas into the national title conversation.

Every year Horton is faced with having to answer questions about Petrino’s public perception, which is based mainly on tbe abrupt, cold way he left other programs before arriving at Arkansas. As the face of the Razorbacks’ recruiting efforts, Horton already faced an uphill battle.

Petrino's presence post-wreck wasn't going to make attracting players to Arkansas any easier.

Recruiting should have been a snap coming off of those 21 victories and with the $40 million Petrino Palace being built. Returning players included two preseason Heisman Trophy candidates that prospective recruits should be hearing about in the offseason.

Instead of talking about Sports Illustrated’s excellent profile of Knile Davis and the hardships he’s overcome, we talked about the hardships imposed on the current team because of Petrino. Of the 300 minutes worth of TV and radio hits (including three national shows) I’ve done since April 2, approximately 10 minutes have been devoted to Razorback football.

It’s a shame. And there is nobody to blame ... but Petrino. He has altered the conversation, not to mention the lives of numerous people.

Dorrell’s fiancé. Other employees at Arkansas. Business owners who stake their livelihood on the success and power of the Razorback brand. The Good Samaritan who called 911 after coming upon the wreck, who has already received threats via a Hogville message board post titled: “Hey, Larry. Snitches get stitches.”

Petrino's wife. His kids and grandkids.

None of them deserve this. You certainly don’t.

Petrino demanded a lot of his superiors, his staff, his players and Arkansas fans and alumni. Rarely was their best effort, their undivided attention good enough for him.

Never did Petrino offer them the same.



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