Phone Records Show Frequent Contact Between Bobby Petrino, Jessica Dorrell

by Chris Bahn  on Wednesday, Apr. 11, 2012 7:46 pm  

Former Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino and Jessica Dorrell exchanged thousands of phone calls, text and multimedia messages over an eight-month period, including more than 100 on some days during the season. (Photo by Chris Bahn)

An internal review of the relationship revealed 158 other applicants for the position. Only three candidates were interviewed before Dorrell, who also received a $20,000 gift from Petrino, was hired.

Long said that Petrino engaged in a pattern of “manipulative and misleading behavior” in hiring Dorrell and covering up her involvement in the crash.

“Coach Petrino knowingly misled the athletics department and the university about the circumstances related to his accident,” Long said. “He had multiple opportunities over a four-day period to be forthcoming with me. He chose not to.”

Long told ESPN on Wednesday his review of Dorrell is underway.



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