Bahn: Arrested Razorbacks Have Themselves To Blame, Not Coaches Or The System

by Chris Bahn  on Tuesday, May. 15, 2012 11:50 am  

Arrests were happening before Petrino was fired. Let’s not forget that last year and CBS News teamed up to name Arkansas as the Top 25 program with the second most arrests in the country. Granted, some of those “criminal acts” included unpaid fines and speeding tickets, but let’s not act like bad behavior with football players begins or ends with the Petrino firing.

Smith might be goofy. He is a “players’ coach” but he isn’t encouraging the team to steal. Louisville saw a similar rash of arrests and bad behavior after Petrino left, but it's silly to suggest he is at fault.

This is a personal responsibility issue. And we’re talking about a group of guys who have shown none. Getting arrested is usually your own fault for breaking the law and doing it in a way that isn’t very bright.

Now that we have settled who is to blame, we can shift our attention to the other popular debate: Do these guys deserve second chances?

Forgetting for a moment that they preyed on fellow students as the semester was winding down — one of the more stressful times in anybody’s life — and forgetting that the University at large could have a say in their fates, it’s a topic briefly worth discussing.

However, it is crucial to note this very well could have been the second chance for these players.

Nobody outside the locker room knows for sure how hard Humphrey was working in the classroom after eligibility issues left him behind for the Cotton Bowl.

Likewise we don’t know what sort of effort Peterson had been putting into strength and conditioning so he could remain at tight end, rather than taking his athleticism and extra pounds to the offensive line.

Nor do any of us really know the efforts Wade went to keep himself out of trouble following the Vanderbilt ejection and suspensions he faced in 2011.

And if it was a second chance they blew? They have nobody to blame but themselves.



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