William Clark: Private Construction Projects On the Rise (Exec Q&A)

by Jan Cottingham  on Tuesday, May. 29, 2012 7:32 am  

William Clark, founder of Clark Contractors.

A: We've been very pleased in the last 12 months with the return of privately funded deals that are coming down the pipeline. In the last eight months, we have pursued or been awarded a number of hotel and office building projects that simply weren't happening just a couple of years ago. While I think the arrow won't be as steep as in other recoveries in the past, I definitely feel like the worst is over.

Q: What construction trends are you seeing?

A: Building Information Modeling is becoming more standard as a way to be more efficient in design and construction, and even for the owner as a maintenance tool. Ten years ago, sustainable design was a grassroots movement; now it's standard practice.

Q: What are the major challenges in the construction industry?

A: I think we're going to be dealing with the financial fallout for a couple more years as it relates to contractors' and subcontractors' solvency. A lot of companies have been trying to hold on for four or five years now and are just getting to the point where they can't stay in business anymore because construction hasn't picked up enough. There are some good companies that weren't able to withstand such a long downturn in the economy. We've got to find others to step up and take their place in the market.



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