Ad Agencies Advise on Business Use of Facebook Timeline

by Kate Knable  on Monday, May. 28, 2012 12:00 am  

Facebook forced its business users in March to adopt Facebook Timeline, a newer format of the evolving social media website.   

Businesses are tinkering with the new model, working to learn it and adapt it to their marketing purposes. Facebook is also reportedly tinkering with Timeline, which radically changed the look of individual user pages.

Timeline introduced large cover photos —  one big changeable image across the top of each home page screen — and more prominent displays for apps, company promotions, videos and photographs.

“The whole idea of Timeline has really been a visual shift,” said Emily Reeves, director of digital strategy and planning for ad agency Stone Ward in Little Rock. In addition, Timeline brought a scroll-through digital timeline permitting users to fill in their companies’ historic dates, photos, stories and more.

Reeves recommends that companies fill in the timeline, and select cover photos so each one “tells the brand story.”

“Continually update your content, … thinking about how you can use pictures and videos with every post. The ones using images are getting the most engagement,” Reeves said.

Rob Anderson, director of content strategy for another Little Rock agency, Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods, said frequent updates, particularly of cover photos and company news or promotions, are key because Timeline makes it obvious when companies aren’t regularly active on Facebook. Infrequent updates leave Timeline pages looking “dead,” Anderson said.

“Worry about your new content. Make sure it’s useful and attention grabbing,” he said. “It’s essentially pressuring you to do what you should do anyway.”

Timeline, like other social media tools, has a return on investment that’s hard to quantify, but it does engage customers where they’re already active, Reeves said.



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