Former USA Drug Exec Sorensen's Defense Strategy Takes Shape

by Arkansas Business Staff  on Monday, Apr. 30, 2012 12:00 am  

And he sent it back to state court, where Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen refused to let either LaFrance Holdings or the federal government back out of the case, but he allowed the Soresens to file a countersuit.

As a result, the depositions in which LaFrance Holdings' current lawyers from the Rose Law Firm have questioned the Sorensens and Walters have been the source of considerable frustration. Garret Sorensen "claimed the Fifth Amendment privilege over 200 times in his deposition," David Martin, attorney for LaFrance Holdings, complained in a motion to Judge Griffen, and the other depositions have produced similar non-responses.

Garret Sorensen's defense attorney, Pat James, who succeeded in getting his opponents sanctioned in federal court, last week filed a motion for more sanctions against federal prosecutors in circuit court.

His complaint: The prosecutors - who are still officially intervenors in the civil case - haven't been responding to his discovery requests.

That trial is scheduled for July.



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