Simmons Poised for Profit, May Tells Shareholders

by Gwen Moritz  on Wednesday, Apr. 18, 2012 9:26 am  

Simmons First National Corp. CEO J. Thomas May

During the dinner meeting, which attracted about 500 shareholders, the company:

  • Re-elected its 10 current board members: May, Ryburn, Makris, William E. Clark II, Steven A. Cosse, Edward Drilling, Sharon Gaber, Eugene Hunt, W. Scott McGeorge and Robert L. Shoptaw.
  • Announced that the corporation's executive compensation formula had received nonbinding approved from the holders of 98.1 percent of shares voted;
  • Ratified the hiring of BKD LLP as independent auditor;
  • Recognized the retirement of Glen Rambin, president of the flagship Simmons First National Bank, at the end of February, after 20 years with the company.
  • Recognized the impending retirement of Tom Spillyards, president and CEO of Simmons First Bank of Northwest Arkansas, who joined the company in 1996 and will retire on Dec. 31; and
  • Honored the memory of Stanley Reed, the corporate director who died last July.

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