Is This The Man Who Buried John Glasgow?

by Gwen Moritz  on Monday, Jan. 23, 2012 12:00 am  

Jon Brawner, shown in a photo provided by the Arkansas Department of Correction, masterminded the attempted kidnapping of his former employer and claims that he helped bury the body of missing construction executive John Glasgow.

When the shooting started, Newkirk ran into nearby woods. Jim Daven retrieved his own .45-caliber pistol from his pickup, and he and Mehlin fired repeatedly after the giant man in gray coveralls.

Investigators from the Conway County Sheriff's Office arrived promptly and called in help from the Arkansas State Police. As Special Agent Larry Carter was driving to the Daven house, he spotted a large white male walking down Bell Mountain Road. The nervous man identified himself as David Newkirk, and Carter called for a sheriff's deputy, who came and got Newkirk and took him back to the scene of the shooting. Daven identified the man as the attacker who ran, and Newkirk promptly confessed his involvement to Sheriff Mike Smith.

By 9 a.m., one attacker was dead, one was on his way to the Conway County jail, and investigators had a real good idea who was responsible: Jonathan Edward Brawner.

(Click here for photos of Brawner and his co-defendants.)

Brawner's Background
Jon Brawner was born in June 1968 and graduated from Wynne High School in 1986. He filed for bankruptcy in Joneboro before he was 30.

Daven said he first met the charismatic Brawner more than a decade ago at a social event, and Brawner chatted him up about wanting to get into the securities business.
Daven encouraged the younger man to get licensed and, according to records of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Brawner landed a trainee position at Merrill Lynch in Little Rock in September 2001. That job lasted only until February 2002, and he was hired by Morgan Stanley in Little Rock in June 2002.

While employed by Morgan Stanley, Brawner passed the Series 31 Futures Managed Funds Exam and the Series 66 State Securities Law Exam. He left Morgan Stanley in July 2003 to join Daven & Associates Inc., a tiny registered investment advisory ($800,000 in assets under management) that Jim Daven operated as a side business until last year.

About 2005, Brawner married a speech pathologist who had treated his children from an earlier marriage. Renea Brawner is the daughter of Rick and Linda Keathley Hawkins of Conway and the granddaughter of Adell Keathley and her late husband, Roy O. Keathley.

Brawner left Daven's em-ployment in November 2005 for a stint at Edward Jones in Conway. That lasted only about six months, but it was an eventful period. The Brawners were behind on the payments on their Vilonia house - technically, Renea had bought the house with her previous husband, Michael Young - and Regions Bank had scheduled a foreclosure sale on May 22, 2006.

The Brawners would later deny knowing that their house was the subject of a nonjudicial foreclosure; instead, they said they were planning to sell it to an acquaintance of Jon's named Ben Eagles on May 19.

But neither sale happened. Instead, on May 18, 2006, the house burned.
Allstate Indemnity Co. denied the Brawner's claim because its investigators concluded that the fire was arson, that the Brawners were responsible for the fire and that they had made material misrepresentations to the company.

The Brawners sued, and a federal court jury returned a split decision: No, the Brawners weren't responsible for the arson, but yes, they had lied to the insurance company. The Brawners were granted a second trial, at which Allstate concentrated solely on the misrepresentations. The second jury also ruled in Allstate's favor, and so did the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals at St. Louis. The Brawners received no insurance settlement, but neither were they charged with any crime.



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