Startup Plans to Move Social Trivia Forward

by Mark Carter  on Monday, Jan. 9, 2012 12:00 am  

The challenge of testing your trivia knowledge against family and friends will attract users, Hudson said, but there other advantages as well.

"The reason we chose mobile social games is because they have a network advantage," Nelson said. "They have the opportunity of going viral if you make it easy to play with other people. We have a unique style of game play which not only makes it easy, but encourages you to add as many of your friends as possible."

MobileFWD has been pitching venture capital groups in the state for the last few weeks, and is finishing up the "planning, researching and learning" phase.

"Currently, we are designing how the app will work, how others will play and getting a feel for the best way to approach the application and how to grow it the fastest," Hudson said. "We have a great marketing plan. Now, it's just time to execute."

Once the iPhone app is launched, MobileFWD plans to expand to other platforms.

"We've got plans to be on the iPad next in a head-to-head buzzer challenge edition, and even an online affiliate program," Nelson said.

Most investors will tell you they don't invest in startups but in the people behind the startups. Hudson, therefore, is confident in the firm's future success. "We are driven. We work like crazy," he said.


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