Employee Admits to Embezzling Almost $100,000

by Luke Jones  on Monday, Dec. 26, 2011 12:00 am  

A Little Rock company is looking to get back almost $100,000 of funds allegedly stolen by a former employee.

According to a lawsuit filed with the Pulaski County Circuit Court, the theft was uncovered in July when Brent Wallace, an accountant for Little Rock real estate developer Rees Development Inc., noticed some bookkeeping errors.

President John Rees then approached Sarah Wimberly, a former bookkeeper, assistant and receptionist at the company. According to the complaint, Wimberly immediately admitted she had been embezzling.

Rees says that between January 2010 and July of this year, Wimberly forged 120 checks totaling $80,240 and racked up another $13,423 in unauthorized credit card charges. The list of expenses was dominated by day-to-day items and trivialities.

Wimberly sent a letter and email to Rees admitting her thefts. The email, filed with the complaint, was littered with phrases like, "The devil took over my life, and I was living a lie," and "Please forgive me of my sins."

Wimberly begged Rees to consider her children's well-being and to allow her to sign a promissory note for the stolen funds.

"This has been eventful and trying for our company," Rees told Whispers. "It's very disappointing for someone I thought was honest."

Rees said a criminal investigation is underway, but no charges have been filed against Wimberly as of last week.



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