Did Judge Wilson Order Deposition in Garage?

by Gwen Moritz  on Monday, Nov. 21, 2011 12:00 am  

Pat James, the attorney for defendants Garret and Katherine Sorensen, has complained mightily about having to spend seven hours questioning plaintiff Jason LaFrance in a garage when a pool house with restroom facilities was readily available.

But LaFrance's attorneys, David Martin and Ryan Solomon of the Rose Law Firm, said in their response to James' motion for sanctions that "the Court ordered the deposition to commence in Mr. LaFrance's garage."

The judge who is hearing the dispute between the lawyers, U.S. District Judge Bill Wilson, is the same one who ordered that the deposition be held at LaFrance's house because LaFrance's pregnant wife was unwell and needed help caring for their 1-year-old son. In a cellphone conference, Wilson said, "If there's a medical situation, go out to his house and take it in his garage."

But did he mean that literally?

"Why was Respondent LaFrance's garage used for the deposition on [Nov. 7]?" Wilson asked in his notice of an upcoming hearing. "I suggested the garage having no idea of where Mr. LaFrance lived. I thought he, his wife, and child might reside in a 2-3 room bungalow, and the garage would be an appropriate place to conduct the deposition so that Mrs. LaFrance would not be disturbed, in view of the representations as to her physical condition."



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