Acxiom: Personal Information in Bite-Sized Packages

by Luke Jones  on Monday, Nov. 7, 2011 12:00 am  

Beyond its general services, Acxiom also packs up characteristics into bite-sized "products," each tailored to a specific type of data. These packages go by special names like PersonicX, Infobase-X and AbiliTec.

PersonicX, for example, is what David Danziger, Acxiom's director of consumer targeting and append products in Memphis, calls a "segmentation system."

"Everybody in the country is assigned into one of 70 segments," he said. "PersonicX clusters a variety of factors, including age, income, whether people are married or single, whether they have children and whether they own a house."

PersonicX then divides these statistics into residential categories like "dense," "suburban" or "rural." The product helps clients know where their marketing would be most effective.

"Like in a cluster of 34, we would know these 34 are highly coordinated with watching these shows, or reading these magazines," Danziger said. "Or they're densely clustered in Omaha, Nebraska, but not Los Angeles. If the marketing campaign goes beyond the mailbox, where do they buy billboards? If they buy magazine ads, do their consumers read Arkansas Business or the Democrat-Gazette, or not a local publication at all? Things like that are where a PersonicX product comes into play."



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