Acxiom Deals in IT, Consulting, Employee Screening

by Luke Jones  on Monday, Nov. 7, 2011 12:00 am  

Acxiom has reported that about 70 percent of its revenue comes from marketing services.

The other 30 percent comes from a diverse selection of side projects, according to David Danziger, Acxiom's director of consumer targeting and append products in Memphis.

Those extra areas comprise a consulting arm, an IT service and a screening unit.

Acxiom's consulting services tie into the company's data collection, using it to help clients maximize their performance.

"It sort of dives off into a few different areas," Danziger said, "where you have marketing consulting, along with strategy consulting and a substantial amount of analytic consulting. In combination with our data, it helps clients make better decisions along the way."

Some marketing clients also outsource IT services to Acxiom, some depending on the company for all of their IT needs.

The screening unit allows client companies to investigate possible employees, potentially reducing turnover. Landlords can also use the service to screen tenants. Notably, this service uses a different set of data than Acxiom's marketing database. In this case, researchers find the data by contacting former employers, scanning public records and communicating with credit bureaus.

"Certain sources would only pick up for marketing or only for verification," Danziger said.



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