Windstream Puts Focus on Growth

by Robert Bell  on Monday, Apr. 25, 2011 12:00 am  

Jeff Gardner, Windstream Corp. CEO and president, said the company?s focus on broadband and business services was part of a five-year plan to grow the company?s revenue.

But a changing revenue mix doesn't mean Windstream is ceding residential business, said Rob Clancy, treasurer and senior vice president.

"The way we think about revenue here at Windstream is, we've been trying to improve the top line trends in total," he said. "Now the way in which we've been able to accomplish that is, we've been able to make improvements in broadband and business, and those now represent 60 percent of the total. And we've been able to show improvements on the consumer business, where those declines were once 5 percent and are now 3 percent."

"It's a multi-pronged approach," Clancy said. "When people ask me what do I think that percentage will be in three to five years, it's a difficult question to answer, and here's why: If our consumer revenue decline really exaggerated to 10 percent, that 60 percent would grow pretty quickly but it would do it the wrong way."

The right way is to pursue growth in broadband and business sales while slowing the decline of consumer voice lines as much as possible.

"But it's hard to land on a percentage and say, ‘Hey, look, in five years we want it to be X,'" Clancy said. "Because here's what I'm more interested in: I'm more interested in the top line trends being better in five years than they are today."




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