Patent Attorneys in Arkansas Find Research is Key

by Robert Bell  on Monday, Nov. 1, 2010 12:00 am  

However, a degree isn't always necessary. An attorney can still qualify to take the patent bar exam if he or she has enough science-related credit hours earned at an accredited college.

Attorneys whose undergraduate degrees are not in one of the sciences but who have practical experience in engineering or physics can qualify to take the patent bar exam by passing the Fundamentals of Engineering test, which is administered by the State Board of Engineering Examiners in each state.


Enforceable Patent

Besides litigating infringement cases and drafting and submitting applications, patent attorneys also give their clients good, old-fashioned counsel, which occasionally involves a let-down.

Sometimes, would-be inventors come up with a product idea that isn't patentable or one that doesn't require a patent, Speed said.

"A lot of times, people will call and say they need a patent and what they really need is a trademark or copyright," he said. "Everyone has their big idea that they think will enable them to retire and to be wealthy. Part of our process in dealing with clients is basically to educate them about what the copyright, patent and trademark laws protect and how to best pursue their dream."

What Pieper's firm generally advises most potential patent applicants "is to take a look at what is the market for the device and what's the advantage that you hope to gain by getting a patent in terms of the breadth of the monopoly," he said.

Sometimes an idea might be patentable, but obtaining the patent might be more trouble than it's worth, Glasgow said.

"Is this going to be obsolete? Is this something you would be better off making and producing yourself without patent protection and making your money while you can?" he said. "That also comes up with individual inventors that may not have the resources to get in there and fight and be able make their product at as low a cost as a bigger manufacturer."





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