Capital Business Machines Delivers Information Management Solutions (Advertisement)

by Arkansas Business Staff  on Monday, May. 10, 2010 12:00 am  

Brothers Brett, Byron and Bryce help run Capital Business Machines and father Bill Rogers can chip in with advice and guidance.

One of the frustrations of working for a global company, Brett Rogers said, was having to get questions answered at the corporate office, often a drawn-out process that was not in his clients’ best interest. Back in charge of a locally owned company plays to his family’s strengths, Rogers said, and maintains the legacy of Capital Business Machines.

“It is important for us that we capitalize on being a local company and not having to call somebody in Chicago or New York to get a decision made,” he said. “When you call here, somebody will answer the phone, not a voice mail system. I think that’s important to our clients and to doing business in Arkansas.”

That personal approach applies to every aspect of how the Capital Business Machines team does business.

“Our sales staff goes out to the customer’s site, and they do all the assessments of what customers need at their place of business to make it run as efficiently and effectively as possible,” Rogers said.

Putting Technology to Work

Most often that involves copiers – the product that has always been the foundation of solutions delivered by City Business Machines.

“Copiers were just starting to come into their own in the mid-1970s,” Rogers said. “And today that’s still our bread and butter. However, I think we get stereotyped as that’s the only thing we do.

“Yes, equipment has come a long way, from an analog product sitting in the corner to a digital product that faxes, prints, scans, emails and copies in full color. That’s still the main part of our business.

“But really, when you talk about what we do, we recommend ways to put technology to work, in the right way, to solve non-core business problems which also include managed print services, document imaging, and other outsourcing services.”

Valuing Service

For Capital Business Machines, “service is even more important than the products,” Rogers said. “Yes, we have to sell the product to have a service capability. But once we place products in the field, it is very important we support those products and customers to the fullest.

“It’s our job to make sure our products are working which means your business is working…that’s what you pay us for. All our technicians are trained on what we sell, and we service everything we sell.”



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