Martha Jane Murray: Working on Solutions to Climate Change

by Bill Paddack  on Monday, Mar. 29, 2010 12:00 am  

"Once I conceived the HEAL program ... I began to engage many of my colleagues to help me expand this vision," she said. "It has been, and continues to be, a collaborative process and everyone on our team has an opportunity to be creative and offer alternative solutions to achieve our goals of energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions reductions and job creation, particularly for lower income working families. CCI was created to advance solutions to the core issues driving climate change. The HEAL pilot program specifically is about demonstrating a scalable and replicable energy benefit program offered through places of business."


'She Gets Things Done'

Murray's visions and goals and her ability to accomplish them don't go unnoticed.

"Not only is Martha Jane smart, talented and passionate, she gets things done," state Rep. Kathy Webb of Little Rock said. "She thinks 'outside the box' and asks 'how can we do this?' rather than 'we can't do this.' I was lucky to see some of the work she has done in the Ninth Ward in New Orleans and to work with her on the Sustainable Building Design & Practices Task Force, as well as on a number of issues during the last session of the Legislature. ... When you want something done, she is the person I go to."

Murray and her husband, Neil Munro, are co-owners of NMF Inc. a shoe manufacturing business located in Wynne. They live in Hot Springs with their two children, Sarah and Evan.

"What continues to drive me," she said, "is the belief that we can't do enough fast enough to avert the consequences of climate change for our children and future generations. My goal is to open people's minds to other possibilities for solving some of our most serious challenges: energy independence and national security, economic development and, most importantly, connecting us to each other and the planet. If I can persevere this year, I hope to demonstrate through CCI the employer-assisted energy-benefit program as an effective, scalable financing tool for residential energy-efficiency retrofits.

"I have a great team," she said, "and I love working with young people. They're very inspiring and energizing. This whole thing for me is a faith journey. It's very much a part of my spiritual being. It's a calling.

"Ultimately, I believe that Scripture 'to whom much is given much is required,' and I have been very fortunate in this life to have been blessed with wonderful parents, family and friends that have nurtured and believed in me. My work is an attempt to answer to that love. I can never do enough to pay it all back."



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