'I Speak Hendren': The Best Quotes of 2009

by Arkansas Business Staff  on Monday, Dec. 28, 2009 12:00 am  

"To have a corporation as big as UAMS and you cannot tell where your money's coming from, or where you're losing money, is a little bit odd. That's hard for me to swallow."

- Dr. Carl Johnson of Little Rock, a member of the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees, after being told that Melody Goodhand, chief financial officer of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, said she had no way of telling which departments were losing or making money


"I'm confident that the financial challenges are addressable in a systematic way that certainly is going to require teamwork and really careful, disciplined work."

- Dr. Dan Rahn, interviewed before he took over Nov. 1 as chancellor of the financially strapped UAMS


"Oh, not a penny. And the reason I'm really angry is my husband has Alzheimer's and I could use the money."

- Pat Scucchi of St. Charles, Mo., complaining about the lack of return on the $30,000 her husband invested with Darrell Lainhart of Sherwood in 1998 and 2000


"First and foremost, this package needs to do two things: One, give the taxpayers something for their money, something they actually need, and two, put people to work, so that all these folks who are either scared about losing their job or the folks that have lost their jobs will have meaningful employment."

- Gov. Mike Beebe, discussing Arkansas' portion of the federal economic stimulus package




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